Champagne Georges Laval, Vallée de la Marne

This 2.5 hectare domaine situated in Cumières has been farmed organically since 1971. On top of this, current owner Vincent Laval has brought in various biodynamic practises in recent years. The image on this page illustrates the difference between two vines of roughly the same age that were uprooted together in 2009. On the left is a vine from a plot adjacent to Vincent’s family vineyards that he acquired through a swap and consequently uprooted. The vines here had been farmed with routine use of herbicides and fertilizers throughout their life without being ploughed at all, resulting in the roots remaining very shallow in order to access the manufactured nutrients applied to the surface of the soil. The vine on the right has been farmed organically by the Lavals since the 1930s and regularly ploughed, resulting in an extensive root system going deep in to the soil in search of nutrients. The two vines lived no more than a few yards from each other on the upper slope of Les Hautes Chèvres vineyard. It is this knowledge and conviction that drives Vincent Laval, with all cellar work following a similar, low intervention approach. All fermentations are spontaneous and most are in old barrels where wines from each individual plot rest until Vincent is satisfied they are ready for bottling or sending to stainless steel tanks if destined to be kept as reserve wines. The range includes three single vineyard wines and a Cumières ‘village’ bottling as well a newcomer to the range ‘Les Garennes’. These are wines of extraordinary minerality and depth, produced in tiny quantities from one of the best regarded Growers in Champagne. Please ask for availability on these wines.