Inconnu, California

Laura Brennan Bissell moved to the Bay area from Washington DC to become a tattoo artist at the age of 22. Instead, she “spent the majority of my time on bicycles, collecting records, reading books, drinking beer, and touring around the US with bands”. After a stint in Barcelona in her mid 20s Laura became fascinated with great quality, simple food and low intervention wine. On return to California she took interships at Unti in Dry Creek Valley and Matthiasson where she learnt from one the state’s most passionate advocates about the sustainable management of vineyards. For her own wines Laura leases strips of vines and manages how the rows are farmed, ensuring that her grapes are of the highest quality. Wine making is very much with a low intervention approach and only with natural yeasts, low sulphite use and very little to no oak influence. The aim being to produce wines that are elegant, pure, fresh and fantastic value. Laura has picked up multiple glowing reports on her wines and approach across 2017 and was voted one of California’s winemakers to watch in December by the San Francisco Chronicle.